Drilled Piers

Drilled Piers

With over two decades of experience, Hark Drilling stands out as a leader in foundation solutions.

Drilled Piers Services

At Hark Drilling, we specialize in providing deep foundation solutions tailored to meet the robust demands of modern construction. Our drilled piers service is a cornerstone of our expertise, ensuring that your projects stand firm against the challenges of subsurface conditions.

What Are Drilled Piers?

Drilled piers, also known as drilled caissons, drilled shafts, or simply piers, are deep foundation solutions used to transfer structural loads to stronger subsurface layers that are more capable of supporting significant weights. The process involves drilling a large diameter hole—typically larger than 24 inches—to a specified depth, followed by the installation of a rebar cage and the pouring of concrete to form a solid, enduring foundation.

Pier Foundations

With a fleet that ranges from equipment suitable for large, open commercial sites to rigs that can maneuver in low overhead clearance areas and rough desert terrains, Hark Drilling can tackle projects of any scale. Our capabilities include drilling diameters from 18 inches up to an impressive 12 feet, reaching depths of over 100 feet. Our highly experienced drilled shaft contractors can handle any size and scope of drilled pier project.

Pier Foundation Design

At Hark Drilling, all of our operations are grounded in precision and expertise, guided by meticulously crafted plans from highly qualified engineers. Whether adapting to designs provided by our clients’ engineers or leveraging our own trusted engineering partners to tailor solutions, our approach ensures each project is executed with exacting standards. This comprehensive planning determines the specific variables for each job, from equipment selection to operational tactics. Our capability to deliver exceptional service is underpinned by decades of experience, a robust inventory of state-of-the-art equipment, and resilient partnerships with third-party companies. These collaborations enhance our access to essential materials, additional personnel, and specialized equipment, facilitating smooth project progression under any circumstances.

Comprehensive Drilled Pier Services

Hark Drilling provides a full suite of services to ensure the complete installation of drilled piers:

• Preparation and Drilling: From site analysis to drilling, our team handles all aspects of preparing and creating the foundation hole.

• Rebar Cage Installation: We place a custom-fabricated rebar cage into the drilled hole to reinforce the structural integrity of the drilled pier.

• Concrete Piers: High-quality concrete is carefully poured to solidify the foundation, using methods tailored to your specific site conditions and project requirements.

• Augered Cast-in-place (ACIP) Pile: Pier foundation technologies for any kind of project.

• Material Handling: We manage all aspects of material procurement and spoils from the drilling process, ensuring a clean and organized site.

• Optional Services: Depending on client needs, we can also provide drilling-only services or adapt our approach to suit specific project demands.

Why Choose Hark Drilling?

With over two decades of experience, Hark Drilling stands out as a leader in foundation solutions. Our extensive range of equipment, combined with our seasoned expertise, allows us to address virtually any subsurface challenge. We maintain strong partnerships with third-party companies to enhance our service offerings, ensuring that every project is executed flawlessly.

Applications of Drilled Piers

Drilled piers provide crucial support for a variety of structures, including:

• Commercial and residential buildings

• Skyscrapers and towers

• Industrial support pads

• Infrastructure for power lines and billboards

• Anchors for above-ground structures

These foundations are particularly beneficial in areas where surface soils lack sufficient load-bearing capacity. By distributing weight deeper into the ground, drilled piers ensure stability and long-term reliability for your projects.

Drilled Piers | Frequently Asked Questions

What does a driller pier cost?

The cost of drilled pier installation varies based on project specifics such as depth, diameter, and site conditions. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

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How long will a drilled pier take?

The timeline for installing drilled piers depends on the project scope and requirements. We strive to meet all project deadlines while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

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What equipment is used for drilled piers?

We use a variety of drilling rigs tailored to different site conditions and project specifications. Our fleet is capable of handling both large-scale commercial projects and more constrained sites.

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What access is needed for drilled pier work?

Site access requirements depend on the project’s location and the equipment needed. We plan meticulously to ensure efficient and safe access to all work sites.

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Secure Your Project’s Foundation with Hark Drilling

For expert advice, or to discuss how our drilled piers can benefit your project, contact Hark Drilling today. We’re here to support the foundation of your next big venture.




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