At Hark Drilling, we specialize in providing top-tier micropile solutions to meet the complex needs of modern construction projects.

Micropile Services

At Hark Drilling, we specialize in providing top-tier micropile solutions to meet the complex needs of modern construction projects. Whether you're tackling commercial, residential, or government projects, our micropile services offer a reliable foundation for structures requiring deep foundations in challenging conditions.

What Are Micropiles?

Micropiles are small diameter deep foundation elements designed to penetrate various geologic conditions with minimal disruption. Renowned for their versatility and efficacy, micropiles can be installed in locations with limited access or difficult drilling scenarios. As a preferred micropile contractor, we ensure that each installation is executed to meet stringent design requirements and is thoroughly tested to verify its capacity.

Comprehensive Micropile Solutions

Our services encompass every aspect of micropile deployment, starting with design. We provide custom micropile design based on load requirements specified by our clients. All of our work is meticulously based on engineering plans. We collaborate with a team of skilled engineers who can design bespoke solutions for us, although we are also fully equipped to work with plans provided by our clients' engineers. The engineering plans critically influence many variables of our projects.

Construction will include installation of permanent casing, your choice of hollow or solid center bars, high-quality grout, and the top-of-pile hardware necessary for a robust micropile foundation. Our capability to consistently deliver high-quality services is underpinned by our extensive experience, our comprehensive range of equipment (with multiples available for each type), and our robust partnerships with third-party companies. These relationships provide us with additional support in materials, personnel, and equipment, ensuring that we have all the necessary resources to advance our projects efficiently.

Why Choose Hark Drilling for Your Micropile Needs?

Hark Drilling provides a full suite of services to ensure the complete installation of drilled piers:

• Experience: With decades of combined expertise in micropile drilling, we bring a depth of knowledge and precision to your project.

• Equipment: Our state-of-the-art equipment includes specialty mini drills capable of operating within confined spaces, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

• Proven Technology: Unlike helical piles or helical piers, micropiles allow for post-installation testing to confirm load capacities, offering peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Micropiles | Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit inside this building for drilling?

Yes, our specialty mini drills are designed to operate within buildings, allowing us to undertake micropile installations in almost any indoor environment.

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What do micropiles cost and how quickly can they be installed?

The cost and installation time for micropiles are dependent on project-specific factors such as access, soil conditions, and load requirements. We provide tailored quotes to match your project’s unique needs.

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What is the main difference between micropiles and helical piers?

Micropiles are small diameter, deep foundation elements that are drilled and grouted into place, suitable for a variety of ground conditions and load-bearing requirements. In contrast, helical piers are screwed into the ground, making them quicker to install but generally less versatile in terms of load capacity and soil compatibility.

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Long-Term Benefits of Micropiles

Choosing micropiles for your deep foundation needs ensures a durable and stable structure. Ideal for permanent applications. They provide significant long-term benefits due to their ability to withstand various environmental and geologic challenges. This makes micropiles an invaluable component of any critical construction effort.

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