Rock Slope Stabilization

Rock Slope Stabilization

At Hark Drilling, we specialize in comprehensive solutions for rock slope stabilization, ensuring the safety and durability of terrain in critical areas.

Rock Slope Stabilization Services

At Hark Drilling, we specialize in comprehensive solutions for rock slope stabilization, ensuring the safety and durability of terrain in critical areas. Our experienced team is equipped to handle all aspects of slope stability, from initial assessment to project completion, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Why Choose Hark Drilling for Slope Stabilization?

We are uniquely qualified to provide slope stabilization methods and services thanks to our extensive experience and specialized equipment. Our services cater to roadway contractors and developers working in areas threatened by unstable rock formations. Here's why Hark Drilling stands out:

Experienced Personnel: Our team has profound experience in rock slope protection, equipped to handle any rock formation.

Advanced Equipment: From rock drills to specialized anchors, we possess all the necessary tools to ensure effective and efficient stabilization.

All of our projects are carried out in strict accordance with engineer-designed plans. We collaborate with a network of skilled engineers who can create these plans for us, or we are equally equipped to work with plans provided by our clients' engineers. The project's blueprint guides many of our operational decisions. Our qualifications to perform these services stem from our extensive experience, a comprehensive inventory of necessary equipment, and robust partnerships with third-party companies. These relationships enable us to secure additional materials, personnel, or equipment promptly, ensuring smooth progress on all projects.

Our Rock Slope Stabilization Solutions Include:

• Rock Anchors: Vital for enhancing the stability of rock slopes, our anchors are suited for various applications such as soil nail walls, spot bolting, and deep foundation elements.

• Mesh Installation: We install draped and fully pinned mesh to protect against rockfall, utilizing robust anchoring systems to secure slopes.

• Shotcrete Application: An effective solution for reinforcing rock surfaces, our shotcrete application provides an additional layer of protection.

• Impact Attenuators: These are installed to absorb and dissipate energy from falling rocks, significantly reducing the risk to underlying structures and areas.

• Rappelling and Scaling: Our manual and mechanical scaling methods remove unstable rocks and mitigate the risk of rockfall.

Protecting the Toe of the Slope and Beyond

We not only focus on the immediate risk areas but also ensure the toe of the slope and surrounding regions are fortified against potential rock slides with effective rockfall mitigation. Our integrated use of rockfall barrier fence and other stabilization methods safeguards homes, roadways, and buildings over the long term.

Rock Slope Stabilization | Frequently Asked Questions

How are rocks removed?

Removal is typically manual, using hand tools or machinery, and in some cases, an airbag is strategically placed to control the descent of the rock.

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How are rock slope nets installed?

We employ an anchor system around at-risk slopes, where anchors are drilled and mesh is connected for enhanced protection.

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How long do rock slope nets last?

Our nets can be installed temporarily or with corrosion protection for long-term use, although maintenance is always advised.

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What is the capacity of rock slope nets?

The capacity is tailored to project specifications, ensuring all safety measures meet client and regulatory requirements.

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