Well Drilling

Well Drilling

Our licensed professionals bring over two decades of experience in drilling dewatering wells, conductor holes, and dry wells.

Well Drilling Services

At Hark Drilling, we are proud to offer specialized non-production well drilling services across Utah. With over 20 years of experience in drilling dewatering wells, conductor holes, and dry wells, we bring comprehensive expertise to each project.

Types of Well Drilling Services We Offer

Dewatering Wells: These wells help contractors remove water from a site, allowing for excavation and construction. Our dewatering wells are drilled to appropriate depths, and then fitted with a PVC casing with a slotted section to facilitate pumping by external equipment. These wells prevent flooding, making them vital for construction applications.

Conductor Holes: We offer conductor hole services to facilitate water well drilling. We drill down to a specified depth (typically at least 40 feet), place a casing around the hole, and pour cement to bind the casing to the soil. This stabilizes the hole, making it ready for water well companies to drill deeper for groundwater.

Dry Wells: Dry wells serve as a form of permanent stormwater management, allowing water to collect and drain into the subsurface slowly. We drill to specified depths and place materials into the well according to plan specifications.

Benefits of Our Well Drilling Services

• Efficient Excavation: Our dewatering wells enable contractors to remove water from a construction site, providing a workable area for further development.

• Seamless Water Well Drilling: Our conductor holes prepare sites for water well drilling companies, offering a stable starting point for deeper drilling.

• Effective Stormwater Management: Our dry wells allow water to disperse into the soil slowly, managing stormwater effectively in developments and especially in drier climates like Utah.

Why Choose Hark Drilling?


Our licensed professionals bring over two decades of experience in drilling dewatering wells, conductor holes, and dry wells.

Custom Services

We handle all aspects of drilling these types of wells, from ordering materials to delivering them on-site and ensuring the wells are ready for use.

Local Expertise

We are a licensed non-production well driller in the state of UT/AZ and our team understands the unique needs of drilling in Utah and Arizona making us uniquely qualified to offer these services across the state.

In-House Engineers

We provide the engineering plans for our projects unless our clients have their own engineers who draw up their plans, which we can use.

Well Drilling | Frequently Asked Questions

How deep do you go before hitting water?

It depends on the location of the water table, which can vary from site to site.

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How long does it take?

The duration depends on factors like hole depth, width, and water table depth.

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Do you do the pumping?

No, we only prep the hole. The final product has a pipe for a pump to lower into.

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Can you drill down to the water depth?

No, that requires special tooling and expertise beyond our scope. We drill to prepare the space for water well diggers to access groundwater further down.

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