Sheet Piles

Sheet Piles

With over 20 years of industry experience, our team is equipped to deliver high-quality shoring systems that are both efficient and effective.

Sheet Pile Services

At Hark Drilling, we specialize in providing top-tier sheet pile services tailored to meet the unique needs of excavation projects that require robust earth retention and water exclusion solutions. With over 20 years of industry experience, our team is equipped to deliver high-quality shoring systems that are both efficient and effective.

What are Sheet Piles?

Sheet piles are a type of shoring system consisting of interlocking steel sheets installed continuously to form a barrier or wall. These walls are crucial for creating a nearly watertight excavation area and are commonly used in the construction of seawalls, cofferdams, and for excavation support in environments where groundwater poses a challenge.

Applications of Sheet Pile Walls

• Earth Retention: Sheet pile walls provide necessary support for excavation sites, ensuring soil stability and safety.

• Water Exclusion: Our sheet piles, sometimes called seawalls, act as barriers to keep water out of construction sites, enabling work to proceed in previously inaccessible conditions.

• Scour Protection: These walls offer protection against soil erosion around water bodies, enhancing the longevity of the structural and environmental composition of the site.

Our Sheet Piling Process

Our process begins with the procurement of high-quality sheet pile materials, which are then delivered to the site and installed using our advanced equipment and team of experts. We utilize a crane equipped with either a vibrating hammer or an impact hammer, enabling us to install sheet piles immediately without the need for preliminary digging. This method allows for quicker installation and can be particularly beneficial in areas with difficult access or around bodies of water.

Sheet Pile Design

We can design the sheet pile system needed based on the project, or we also accept designs drawn up by our clients’ engineers. The design will affect the execution and timeframe of our services. We are uniquely qualified for all excavation, shoring and piling projects due to our extensive experience, equipment, and relationships with third party contractors. When a project is large enough, we work with a network of contractors so we can execute our projects as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Hark Drilling for Sheet Pile Installation?

• Expertise: Our pile driving crews bring decades of experience, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.

• Flexibility: Sheet pile installations can be both temporary or permanent, customized to meet the project's needs.

• Minimal Impact: We aim to minimize the impact on adjacent structures through strategic planning and execution, considering soil type and proximity.

Long-Term Benefits of Sheet Piling

Choosing sheet piles for your shoring needs comes with several long-term advantages:

• Speed of Installation: Our techniques allow for quick setup, reducing overall project timelines.

• Reusability: If designed properly, sheet piles can be removed and reused, offering cost-effective solutions for future projects.

• Reduced Material Use: Compared to other shoring methods, sheet piling requires less material, making it a more sustainable option.

Sheet Piles | Frequently Asked Questions

How are sheet piles installed?

Using a crane with either a vibrating hammer or an impact hammer, allowing for rapid and flexible installation. Installation happens right away, instead of other methods that require digging first then install after the hole is complete.

What is a sheet pile used for?

To create barriers or walls that support earth and exclude water in various construction projects.

Is this a temporary or permanent solution?

It can be designed as either, depending on the project requirements.

Will this affect adjacent structures due to vibration?

The impact varies based on soil composition and the proximity of structures, which we carefully assess to mitigate any risks.

Have a Sheet Pile Project?

At Hark Drilling, we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the requirements of our clients. Contact us today to discuss how our sheet pile services can assist in the success of your next project.




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