Excavation & Site Work

Excavation & Site Work

As seasoned site work contractors, Hark Drilling offers a variety of services to ensure the smooth progression and successful completion of your site preparation needs.

Excavation and Site Work Services

At Hark Drilling, we are your trusted excavation contractor, providing top-notch excavation and site work services. Our extensive experience and comprehensive fleet of equipment enable us to handle a diverse range of projects. If you need land cleared, leveled, and/or graded, there is no one with more experience in the Intermountain West than us. Being locally owned and operated and having a large network of third-party contractors we work with gives us the ability to handle any size and scope of work in any conditions. There is literally no job we can’t handle. Our team is equipped to transform landscapes to meet the unique demands of your project.

Site Work Services

As seasoned site work contractors, Hark Drilling offers a variety of services to ensure the smooth progression and successful completion of your site preparation needs. Here's a look at some of our specialized services:

• General Contracting for Site Work: As a leading excavation company near you, we undertake all aspects of site work including the preparation and transformation of the land. Our fleet includes excavators, dozers, and loaders, all operated by our highly trained staff.

• Guardrail Installation: Ensuring safety is paramount, especially in potentially hazardous areas. Our team expertly installs guardrails along roadways and other critical sites to protect all stakeholders.

• Construction of Ski Trails and Small Bridges: Hark Drilling extends its expertise beyond traditional excavation, taking on projects that include building private ski trails and small bridges, enhancing both functionality and recreational access.

• Culvert Installation: Proper water management is critical to maintaining the integrity of your site. Our experienced team ensures that all culverts are installed with precision to facilitate effective drainage and prevent water-related complications.

• Avalanche Mitigation Fences: In areas prone to avalanches, our specialized services include the installation of avalanche mitigation fences to safeguard properties and lives.

Why Choose Hark Drilling for Your Excavation Needs?

Proximity: If you're Googling "excavation company near me" or "sitework near me," you’ve come to the right place! Hark Drilling is ideally located to serve you with speed and efficiency. We have extensive experience in the Intermountain West–no one knows this terrain better than us.

Expertise: With over two decades in the business, there's hardly a subsurface challenge we haven’t faced and overcome.

Equipment: Our fleet is ready and capable, designed to operate in diverse environments — from large open commercial sites to areas with low overhead clearance and rough, remote locations.

Comprehensive Services: From initial soil analysis and excavation to the final touches of site preparation, we manage every aspect of the excavation sitework contractor process. If you need materials brought in or hauled away, we have you covered.

Compliance and Safety: We adhere strictly to safety standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring that every project is not only successful but also safe for all involved.

Need an Excavation Sitework Contractor?

At Hark Drilling, your search for "excavation services near me," and "excavation contractors near me" ends with us. We are committed to providing superior service and reliable outcomes for all our clients. Let us help you prepare your site effectively and efficiently, paving the way for your project’s success. Contact us today to learn more about our excavation and site work services or to schedule a consultation.




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