Soil Nails

Soil Nails

Hark Drilling brings over 20 years of experience in soil nailing in the Intermountain West. We have the equipment and expertise to complete projects from start to finish.

Specialized Soil Nail Solutions for Slope Stabilization

At Hark Drilling, we provide expert soil nail wall services, ideal for both commercial and residential projects, as well as public infrastructure developments. Soil nailing is essential for ensuring structural stability and safety in projects involving excavations near property lines or existing buildings. Our soil nail walls are specifically engineered to stabilize slopes and prevent soil displacement during deep excavation works, offering a robust and reliable solution for challenging construction environments.

What Are Soil Nails?

Soil nails are a versatile solution used in both temporary and permanent applications. The process involves drilling and installing high-strength all-thread bars, grouting the holes, and applying a facing consisting of mesh and/or rebar with shotcrete/gunite.

Hark Drilling has the expertise to install soil nails using both the cased drilling method and hollow bar installation, depending on ground conditions. This allows us to offer the right solution for any soil type or stability requirement.

How Soil Nails Work

Soil nails act as retention nails, providing soil retention by stabilizing hillsides and retaining walls. They can be used to support roads and bridges, making them a practical solution for infrastructure projects, both temporary and permanent.

The Soil Nail Installation Process:



Creating a pad for machinery when necessary, excavating down to different lifts of the soil nail wall.



Installing soil nails, with either solid bar or hollow bar options.


Concrete Work

Grouting the holes, applying rebar and wire mesh, and spraying shotcrete.


Finishing Touches

Providing architectural finishes and completing final grading.

Soil Nails in Action

Soil nail walls can function as:

  • Shoring: Temporary or permanent shoring for construction projects, such as building foundations, bridge abutments, or retaining walls.

  • Remediation: A remedial solution for existing retaining walls that can help avoid a full rebuild.

  • Slope Protection: Preventing erosion and landslides, offering slope stability.

Benefits of Soil Nails

Stability: Soil nail walls provide robust support for hillsides, roads, and retaining structures.

Versatility: Applicable for both commercial and residential projects, as well as road work and soil stabilization.

Efficiency: Soil nails offer an efficient installation process, with options for different types of nails and equipment.

Why Choose Hark Drilling?

Hark Drilling brings over 20 years of experience in soil nailing in the Intermountain West. We have the equipment and expertise to complete projects from start to finish, including:

  • Soil Nail Design and Construction: From excavation to nail installation, and through to concrete procurement and finishing. We have engineers who can design the project, or we can work with the designs drawn up by our clients’ engineers.

  • Full Soil Nailing Services: We provide the removal of spoils, preparation of walls with rebar and mesh, and architectural finishes. We have strong connections with third-party contractors for jobs that require more man-power and equipment so we can keep projects moving forward.

  • Comprehensive Soil Retention Solutions: For both temporary and permanent needs, including retaining walls, shoring for structures, and slope stabilization, we can do it all!

Soil Nails | Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is used?

Specialized machinery for soil nailing, including standalone machines and attachments for excavators.

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How much space is needed for soil nailing?

Space requirements vary by technique. Solid bar nails need a level machine, while hollow bar nails offer more reach with an excavator attachment.

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What is a solid bar soil nail?

A solid bar of metal is installed in either an open hole or in a cased hole, with grout pumped around the nail inside the casing, then the casing is extracted.

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What is a hollow bar soil nail?

A metal bar with a hollow section that allows grout to be pumped directly through it, enabling a quicker installation.

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How long are soil nails?

Soil nail length is determined by the project engineer and can range from 10 to 100 feet.

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How much cement is used?

The amount of cement depends on the type and length of the soil nail.

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Need an Expert Soil Nail Contractor?

Soil nail walls offer a versatile, efficient solution for shoring and stabilization needs. Hark Drilling's comprehensive service, experience, and equipment ensure successful completion of soil nail projects for both temporary and permanent applications.




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